Fat biking in cold temperatures presents some challenges when it comes to hydration. Fatbikes.com offers race-proven hydration solutions for cold weather riding.

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  • SKS Anywhere Mounts
    SKS Anywhere Mounts $13.00 Add To Cart
    SKS Anywhere Mounts were created to solve the problem of mounting just about anything to just about anywhere on the bike. If you are looking to mount an extra water bottle on your carbon frame for a longer race, or you are...
  • 9:ZERO:7 Insulated Forge Mug by Camelbak
    9:ZERO:7 Insulated Forge Mug by Camelbak $30.00 Add To Cart
    Ready to get your "Sip-on"  The Camelbak insulated "Forge" aluminum mug is the perfect way to keep your beverages warm either before or after your ride!  It has a self-sealing cap that is designed to prevent...
  • Bike Bag Dude Chaff Bags
    Bike Bag Dude Chaff Bags $40.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    Made by the Bike Bag Dude.  Handy little bags for the handlebars -they work both on the LHS and RHS.  Insulation available for keeping your drink water bottle liquid on the coldest days.  7" deep on insulated...
  • Revelate Designs Feed Bags
    Revelate Designs Feed Bags $49.00 Add To Cart
    Totally re-designed! The Mountain Feedbag you love now features the single handed access you need.  Ten years ago Mountain Feedbags started the entire category of Stem bags. They've proven their worth on just about...