Pogies are an essential winter biking accessory. If you haven't tried them, they are the solution for keeping your hands warm in cold temperatures. A thin liner glove is often all that is required when using a pair of pogies, and this allows you to maintain finger dexiterity to manipulate the shifters and brakes.

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  • Dogwood Designs Winter Pogies
    Dogwood Designs Winter Pogies $120.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    Keep your hands toasty while riding in the cold weather. Handmade in Fairbanks,Alaska, Dogwood Designs products can be found on Alaskan winter bikers and mushers alike. An innovative design incorporates a gasket around the...
  • Dogwood Designs Winter PLUS Pogies in Red
    Dogwood Designs Winter PLUS Pogies $170.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    Similar in design to the standard Dogwood Winter Pogies, the PLUS version features a premium, continuous filament, and hi-loft insulation for maximum warmth. Hand made in Fairbanks, Alaska, the PLUS pogies are meant for the...