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Sometimes we build up a unique, one-of-a-kind fatbike - one that doesn't fit into the other categories!  This is where you will find these special bikes.  


All of these builds are presented as is.  No parts swaps, upgrades, or other changes are offered.

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  • AluBoo Booyah Large
    AluBoo Booyah Large $1,300.00 Add To Cart
    The AluBoo Booyah is a head turner. A bamboo fatbike is one of the most unique bikes you'll ever see. All new parts - same story as the gray Slider. Stuff that we have held onto for years, just waiting for the right frame to...
  • Whiteout AL Large Pro-Purple "Van Helga Special"
    Whiteout AL Large Pro-Purple "Van Helga Special" $1,700.00 Add To Cart
    Making purple cool again! We took our Pro Deal Purple frameset, installed a super affordable, super reliable SRAM NX build kit, and put the icing on the cake with the 45NRTH Van Helga tire. This tire has incredible grip on...
  • Supersize Polished Whiteout 2016
    Supersize Polished Whiteout 2016 $1,800.00
    We took our NX 11 speed build and supersized it. Everything about this ride is XL - the tires, the rims, the frame, and the performance! If you're a taller guy or gal, you're going to love taking on the toughest terrain with...
  • Whiteout AL Medium "Green Machine"
    Whiteout AL Medium "Green Machine" $1,800.00 Add To Cart
    This frame was used for 11 months. It has been ridden all over south central Alaska on trails up to 4800ft. It has some miles on it including summer riding. There are some dings in the paint on the chainstay, downtube, and...
  • 170mm Slider Blue Medium
    170mm Slider Blue Medium $2,000.00 Add To Cart
    This bike was our initial attemp at bringing a summer friendly Slider into our local dealer, Chain Reaction Cycles Alaska. While it saw a lot of test rides and interest, it was ultimately priced too high to sell. We lowered...
  • Whiteout Carbon NX Orange Small
    Whiteout Carbon NX Orange Small $2,299.00 Add To Cart
    Please note that bike pictured is a medium, but small (15") is the size of the bike in stock. This is a build we've been toying with for a while - now it's your chance to have the first few! We put our super affordable,...
  • Foes Mutz "Alaskan Flag"
    Foes Mutz "Alaskan Flag" $4,500.00 Add To Cart
    This frame had been sitting in our warehouse for a long time, a relic from days of our full suspension fatty dabbling.  As we started to build it up, a theme emerged: the Alaskan flag. A deep blue base and rich gold...
  • "Factory" Team Edition Carbon Small
    "Factory" Team Edition Carbon Small $5,000.00 Add To Cart
    This bike is light. Very light. With no pedals, it weighs exactly 20lbs, 15oz! So here's your chance to get on a lightweight, killer Team Edition for under 5k. You'll be ready to put in the 'ol "sneak attack" with the...