Surly Rolling Darryl Rim w/ Cutouts

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Surly Rolling Darryl Rim w/ Cutouts


Product Description

The Rolling Darryl, Surly's new 82mm rim, is a very slick solution to a number of challenges faced when building up a fat bike. First, rather than making an offset or centered version, it is drilled with paired sets of 32 holes. Need a centered or an offset rim? The Rolling Darryl can pull double duty and builds easily into either an offset or centered wheel.

To enhance durability, the rim seam is welded. Drilled out to reduce weight, the Rolling Darryl also features a bead lock to keep the tire from slipping at very low tire pressures. It is a very high quality rim; however, it is designed for snow and sand riding and is not meant for aggressive cross country riding.

Product Highlights

  • Single wall construction
  • Flat black
  • Drilled for Presta
  • Rim drilling 64
  • 82mm width
  • Pre-drilled
  • ERD is 544.5mm
  • Weight: 860g